How Long Does it Take to Become a Professional Pick Up Artist with Women?

How Long Does it Take to Become a Professional Pick Up Artist with Women?

As the writer of this blog, I do not claim to be a professional pick up artist, but I have definitely come across guys who I would put into this category.

I started out as a guy who was very shy and introverted with minimal social skills. I spent most of my time on the computer and was very isolated from society. In the past I had a couple of girl friends and even those relationships didn’t go well. I came to a point in my life where I hadn’t gone on a date with a girl in almost ten years. It was at this point that I realized I needed professional help. I was around 34 years old when I realized I needed professional help.

After I realized I needed professional help. I started reading the books of pro pick up artists and dating coaches, I also did an online pick up artist/dating course which helped a lot. It took me a few months, before I was able to approach a strange girl in public, and successfully get her telephone number.

I recently listened to a professional pick up artist give a talk, and this guy is definitely at a pro level. He can successfully pick up extremely beautiful women and take them home (many times he takes more than one girl at a time home). I definitely consider this guy advanced because he is at the point now, where he can work through any barriers and objections a woman places in front of him. He is able to deal with the outer defensive personality of a woman, by working through her defenses, with intelligent conversation and witty responses. He doesn’t pick up every woman he meets (everyone gets rejected at one time or another), but he has successfully picked up extremely beautiful women who sometimes ignore him for up to 20minutes! He has the: confidence, experience and understanding to work through the most difficult woman’s objections. This guy explained that when he first started out, it took him about 4 weeks just to ask a beautiful woman directions! It then took him about 6 months to get a strange woman’s (a strange woman in public) phone number. He then progressed to picking up some of the most beautiful women on a regular basis, and he was able to successfully overcome the most difficult and beautiful women’s objections. He progressed to the pro level he is at now, by writing down his goals and by writing down what went wrong in the pick ups he failed at. He also wrote down the objections women gave him, and thought up responses to these objections and wrote those responses down. After writing down his: goals, objection responses, tactics and journaling his interactions with women; he would read out loud all his notes, so he would be prepared when he tried to pick up women in the future. By reading his notes out loud, he would condition his mind on how to respond to women when they objected to his advances, and he would be much more prepared in the future. His learning and development, would also have involved regular and consistent approaches of women. By listening to this pro’s testimony, I would say it took him a year or two of regular practice and study to get to the level he’s at now. This pro pick up artist said that for 7 days per week, 3-4 hours per day, he consistently attempted to pick up women for 9 months, and most of these attempts ended in failures and rejection. Its only through trying and rejection that you are going to learn the social skills to be successful with women. This pro pick up artist admitted to being rejected at least 2000 times before being successful with women. If your being rejected, you are not a failure, but you are developing the social skills needed to get good with women.

I would also like to say, that if you take a long break from approaching and attempting to pick up women, it will effect you in a negative way. If a boxer takes a long break from boxing, you will lose a lot of your: skills, speed, strength and technique. You have to stay in good shape to be a good athlete. I remember due to health reasons, I took a break from picking up women, and I lost a lot of my skills and confidence. After a long break, I had to start from square one to get back the skills and confidence I had gained previously. The pro pick up artist I mentioned above, would have been studying and attempting to pick up women on a daily basis. Becoming a good pick up artist will involve a long term commitment.

At present, I am attempting to enter the intermediate level, however I can tell you its not easy. It takes daily practice and study. I also think that dating courses and pick up artist (PUA) courses can really help. In the past, I have done an online PUA/dating course and it really helped me a lot. I noticed results within a few weeks, because your learning from experienced people with proven results with women, and they are giving you goals and tactics to implement in the real world. If you can’t afford to do online or real life courses, just do searches on youtube for pick up artist advice, and you will find some free material out there which is equally valuable. Look at the different dating coaches out there and read up on them, and choose one or a few, who seem to know what they are doing, and learn from their teachings (a lot of them offer free material in addition to their paid material). In the future, I’m hoping to attend a real life dating/PUA bootcamp, as I think learning in person with both men and women can be very valuable. A lot of these bootcamp’s offer staged scenarios involving women, and I think these types of activities, can definitely contribute to your confidence and experience with women. If you get the opportunity to do online and real life dating/PUA courses, I would definitely encourage you to go for it. Like I said, the online course I did took me to another level, and I think a real life course would help me get to the next level.

If your committed and hard working, I would say one or two years is a realistic time frame, to get to a pro level with women. I also think you would need to participate in some structured dating/PUA courses during this time (online and in real life). I think if you attend some real life dating/PUA boocamps, you could probably get to a pro level a lot faster. Depending on the types and number of bootcamp’s you attend, you may get to a pro level in a matter of months. As stated, I have done an online dating/PUA bootcamp before, and that accelerated my growth very quickly, but if you do a real life bootcamp; this would accelerate your growth even more.

You also need to be honest about where your at with women. If your an absolute failure with women, admitting this is the first step, the next step is making a decision to change this. I started as an absolute failure, and many pro’s out there dating the most beautiful women were absolute failures also. If you feel your at an intermediate level, that is great also, but be honest about your shortcomings and weaknesses, and know what you need to develop if you want to progress. But if you are reading this article, then my guess is, your where I was 12 months ago; failing with women and unable to get a date. But let me tell you something, if you are reading this article, you are not a failure, because something inside you led to search for this article, and that search was the beginning of a change. The fact of the matter is, if you have finished reading this article, your already on your way to success, because you now know the tools you need to acquire in order to be successful with women. You now have some idea of a plan in order to improve yourself.

I have a number of free articles on this blog. Go and read them and learn from my experiences. My blog is mainly on here to teach myself. The pro pick up artists taught me to write down my experiences and read them out loud, and this blog allows me to do this. I also want to help people out there who are failing with women because I was in that position also. It’s a horrible position to be in and it kills you: mentally, spiritually and physically. I don’t care who you are, you deserve to experience a special time with a beautiful woman. This blog allows me to help people, and I hope that your life has been inspired and touched by my writings in a positive way. If you have: experienced a horrible divorce, your near suicide because of loneliness, you think your a failure, you don’t understand why your single; don’t give up, because there is light at the end of the tunnel. But you have to make a decision to change and you have to make the change happen. You have to make a commitment and set goals, and you have to work hard to achieve those goals. If your willing to do the work, you can become the man you have always dreamed of becoming. I may not be there yet, but I am definitely on my way, and I’m not going to let anyone or anything stop me. If you have read this article, know that I am thinking about you and I am on your side. You are not alone.


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