Picking Up Girls During the Day when there’s a Scene Happening on the Street

Picking Up Girls During the Day when there’s a Scene Happening on the Street

Recently I have discovered a new method that allows me to meet beautiful girls during the day. I am located in Melbourne/Australia, and during the day there are a number of entertainers in the city performing for money on the street. Today, there was an unusual dancer performing on the street for money, and many people (including many young women) were watching this guy and laughing. The performer was very comical and funny. When I saw a group of beautiful women watching this performer, I would approach them and say, “he is pretty funny isn’t he…” I would then get into a conversation with these women and before I knew it we were friends.

There was absolutely no bad reactions from these women regarding my advances, because they were already in a good mood, and my initiation of conversation was relevant to their current activity. I was already a part of their life before I spoke to them, because I was standing in their vicinity watching the performer also.

Because these women already had their guard down and were laughing at this street performer, there was no defensive personality to rebut my advances. This was a key learning experience for me. If you can catch women off guard then things become a lot easier.

What this Experience Taught Me

This experience taught me that by participating in a woman’s focus, you can easily initiate a conversation with her, without an immediate rejection. But in order for you to participate in her focus, there needs to be a relevant object of focus. In this case, the street performer was the object of focus, and when I stood near these women focusing on the street performer; we had a common focus. From this point I used the common focus to initiate a conversation (“he is a funny performer huh?”). The girls brain registers that this is a normal conversation, from a person participating in the same activity as her, and she naturally starts conversing. Before you know it, your in a full conversation with a beautiful woman, and now you can lead the conversation into anything…”do you like dancing?”, “do you enjoy going to the ballet… I don’t normally do this, but you seem like a really interesting girl, maybe I can take you out to the ballet sometime? May I have your number?”

Public Psychology

Understanding the psychology of young women in public is key in picking them up. Your only going to learn about their psychology through these scenarios. As I walked through the city, I saw this street performer, who was incidentally performing in front of a college, so a lot of young women were watching him. I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can meet women in this environment?”, and it turned out that I was able to do so. After analyzing the situation and the reaction of women to my advances, I realized I had discovered an environment to meet women.

If you can get involved in a woman’s focus even before you initiate a conversation with her, then it will make your advance toward her a lot easier, and you may catch her off guard.

This law of focus concept could work in other scenarios such as women who are window shopping. Lets say your walking through a shopping center, and you see a beautiful woman looking at clothing through the display window. You can walk in her vicinity and look at the display clothing and say to her, “they sell some great clothes in that shop, I’m very familiar with that brand… I think you would look really beautiful in that outfit.. just my personal opinion.” This scenario is a lot more daring, but you have a good chance at getting success because of the law of focus.

The possibilities of using the law of focus to pick up women are endless. If you see a beautiful woman focusing on anything in the public arena, try to get involved, and use it as an excuse to initiate conversation. Is there a beautiful woman observing a piece of artwork? Go and observe the art work also, and say to her, “that’s a beautiful painting isn’t?”( a normal comment from a member of the public participating in the same activity as she is). From that point, you can take the conversation to all kinds of places. “Your really stylish, I can tell your a creative type of person who appreciates art…what other types of paintings do you appreciate… we seem to have a lot in common.. maybe we could meet up for a coffee sometime and continue this conversation?”

Look out for beautiful women involved in focus activities, even if these activities only last 2 minutes (eg: briefly watching a street performer or observing a painting). Get involved in what she is doing and use the activity and object of focus as a conversation starter. More often than not, you will catch her off guard, and you won’t need to bypass any defense mechanism she has against strange guys hitting on her.

The Natural Defense Mechanism Beautiful Women have Against Men

Beautiful women are used to having strange men hit on them regularly, so they develop multiple personalities naturally, to shield them from the regular advances they receive from sexually stimulated men; that’s why beautiful women seem so snobby and bitchy.

They are not snobby and bitchy, they just have a tough (bitchy) outer personality protecting their true: vulnerable and feminine personality. The inner personality of women is: vulnerable, feminine and delicate. However, after years of guys making advances toward them (many times in an overt sexual way), women develop other personalities (the bitchy personality that is tough as steel and repels off the many men who hit on her) to fight off these advances. After using this tough personality, to brush off the many men who advance on her, this tough personality becomes a fundamental part of her subconscious mind, so this personality automatically and subconsciously activates, whenever a man approaches her. The only way your going to work through these tough personalities is by fighting through them with: witty comments and skillful conversation (takes a lot of experience to do this), or through using the law of focus, by initiating a conversation with her while shes off guard. These women have countless men approach them regularly, so your going to have to work hard or be very clever in the way your initiate contact with her. If you can work your way through her tough outer personality, or if you can start a conversation with her while her guard is down, you just might earn her respect and she will see you as a unique guy.

These outer tough personalities, become a normal reflex against new men in their life, so when you initiate conversation when her guard is down, you can bypass these personalities and get to the inner personality (vulnerable, fun, optimistic and feminine personality). By taking advantage of the law of focus, it seems that you can bypass these protective personalities depending on the situation.

The only other way to bypass these tough personalities, is by initiating a conversation with a woman who is already interested in you. However these situations don’t happen very often in the city when your in public (but they do happen), however you will need to understand the body language of women to notice them. I discuss this issue in other blog posts.




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