Overcoming a Woman’s Objections to Your Advances and Pick up

Overcoming a Woman’s Objections to Your Advances and Pick up

This article is an intermediate and advanced teaching about how to successfully deal with a woman’s objections to your advances.

To be fair and honest with you readers, I would consider myself an advanced beginner pick up artist who is still at the beginner level. I am definitely not at the intermediate or advanced level yet. I am still at the beginner level but I have made a lot of progress. I am writing this article to help me remember what the master pick up artists have taught me, so I can take that teaching and use it in the real world. At present, I am slowly approaching the intermediate pick artist level, as I continue on my journey with women and picking them up.

At the moment, I can successfully initiate and maintain a conversation with a strange woman in public. On some occasions, I can also close the deal with a woman by getting her phone number. These are not women I meet through friends, but they are strangers on the street who I approach and converse with.

I have been confronted by beautiful women on many occasions who object to my advances. Some of the objections they make are: “I have a boyfriend,” “I’m a lesbian,” etc.

One of the regular objections a top pick up artist gets when trying to pick up women is, “I have a boyfriend.” While learning from a top pick up artist, he said that an excellent response he used was, “Relationships in this city often just last a few months, how about you give me your number, and I will give you a call in a couple of months to see if your still involved? If you still have a boyfriend we can just part ways, but if your single, maybe we could go out for a fun date?” On many occasions the woman would give him her number, and he would call her two months later and often go on a date with her. When out on a date with these women, many times they would admit they never did have a boyfriend, but just said they did, because they weren’t sure if they wanted to date him.

One very beautiful woman recently told me, that beautiful women often place objections in front of men trying to pick them up to test them. You can see how this can make sense. Beautiful women have men trying to pick them up on a regular basis, they probably almost feel like goddesses with the amount of attention they receive from men. With so many men approaching them, they probably like to play with them a bit to see what their made of. The guys who push through the objections probably come across as unique and interesting, so they decide to give them an opportunity because their different. Most men, including myself, usually retreat after an objection to save face. Recently, I approached an incredibly beautiful woman and got into a conversation with her, I then told her that I wanted to take her out for dinner sometime. She then responded that she had a boyfriend, I said to her, “well it was worth a try, I hope you and your friends have a great night tonight.” I then parted ways with her. This is the level I’m at as an advanced beginner, but if I want to move to an intermediate level, I’m going to have to at least attempt to overcome these objections. When I start overcoming some of these objections, or at least start making a valiant attempt to overcome them, then I will consider myself at an intermediate level.

When you meet a beautiful woman head on, you also need to deal with her protective outer personality. These tough personalities develop, in order to shield them from the constant stream of men who try to pick them up. If you can successfully work through this tough outer personality with wise conversation, and through standing your ground in a: confident, relaxed and classy way; then you have a chance at getting real success with her. Underneath her protective and tough personality is a: delicate, vulnerable and feminine woman, but your going to have to overcome objections and fight to get there. Do not confuse strength with aggression though. Aggression in the dating scene is a sign of weakness. If you come across as aggressive, you will be perceived as weak and insecure. Your strength will consist of a relaxed and focused countenance. Your: calming voice, confident expression, creative improvisation and elegant words are your weapons. You will dominate her by countering her objections with intelligent and crafty responses.
You will brush off her objections and refer her to a positive aspect about yourself, “I can understand that you don’t have time to have dinner with me, but I was going to take you to that new Chinese restaurant where all the celebrities go, I think you would have a great time.”

Nasty objections are a great way to set her up and make her feel inferior. If she says, “why the hell do you want my name?” You might respond, “No need to act like a trailer park girl, I thought you were more classy than that. An exchange of names is what classy and polite people in society do. I think maybe you just had a rough night and deep down inside your a really sweet girl… my names John, whats yours?” This response will definitely get her thinking, and you may gain her respect. You have countered her rebuke with a clever response with a charming flavor. You served her a bitter rebuke (laced in a velvet glove) in response, but you also left a sweet taste in her mouth with a compliment. This response has successfully been used (although it was worded a little differently) by a top pick up artist I know of. He used this response to pick up a top European model on a subway. I guess his response made him stand out. In the end, he ended up getting this girls number and dating her. Later on, the model told him, “your good, I never give my number out.” I am nowhere near this level yet, but I am working hard to get there. The key to overcoming objections is to remain: positive, classy, elegant, relaxed and strong. You also need to protect your self respect. Be polite and charming, but don’t let her walk all over you. Its also possible her subconscious mind and natural instincts, are trying to determine if your masculine enough for her. Her natural instincts are seeking a: hunter, protector, provider and warrior. If you let her walk all over you, her natural instincts and subconscious mind may reject you as unfit. But if you overcome her objections in a confident manner, she may see you as a suitable male figure in her life.

Brushing Off the Objection and Producing a Positive Point about Yourself(also known as looping)

I demonstrated the technique of looping in an above example, in relation to inviting a girl to a popular Chinese restaurant where celebrities congregate. The art of looping is mainly used when the girl gives you a non-confrontational objection. Another example might be a girl who says, “I don’t go out with men who I just met.” You might respond with, “I can understand (always respond to a non-confrontational objection with, “I can understand… BUT…”) your perspective, but I want you to know that I am a great guy with an awesome reputation. How about we go and have a coffee at that classy cafe across the street, I’m sure once you get to know me, you will feel safe and comfortable with me.” This is a clear example of looping, I am politely brushing off the girls objection, while trying to convey my understanding to her perspective, but I am then looping her back to my perspective and vision. Know what your goals are so that you can bring a girl to your: destination, goal and vision. “Without a vision, the people perish.” If she objects to your first loop, try another loop on her, “I can understand that you don’t want to go across to the cafe right now, but can I show you some photographs on my iphone?” You may then show her some photographs of you on a holiday at some exotic location and then say, “see what a fun and adventurous guy I am, I am really looking for a special girl who I can share these beautiful and exotic experiences with.” Maybe after three or four loops you might count your losses and part ways, but there are many documented cases where looping got the girl. The key is to not surrender too early.

Once your making a serious effort to combat objections, you are definitely on your way to becoming an intermediate and advanced pick up artist.

Be creative. Write down all the objections women give you, and brain storm responses you can give them. Is there a good joke you can tell them in relation to an objection? Is there a positive point about yourself that counters a particular objection? Write all these things down, because they are ammunition you can use against objections. If your not prepared and you don’t write things down, your not going to do very well. If your prepared and you have all the objections and responses written down, basic logic says that you are going to do pretty well.


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