A 5 Step Technique to Pick Up Beautiful Women

A 5 Step Technique to Pick Up Beautiful Women

I have listened to all the best pick up artists and dating coaches out there. I have also spoken with many unknown pick up artists who operate on my city streets; these guys go out by themselves in the evening, and pick up some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. I have picked their brains, and their advice is very similar to the well known pro dating/PUA (pick up artist) coaches out there. There are methods and techniques that are proven to work. After being an absolute disaster with women, and having many of my friends making fun of me because of how badly I did with women, I started studying: dating, the PUA scene and women for many hours and months. I had so much trouble getting a date, that many people thought I was gay, and I was not an ugly guy, I just had no social skills with women. I was determined to make a change in my life. After hours and months of study, I can now actually approach beautiful women in public and start a conversation with them, and on many occasions I have gotten their phone number. At present, I am moving toward becoming an intermediate level pick up artist, which is a massive achievement for me.

In most cases, your not going to get good at picking up women through chance or luck. Your going to have to use: psychology, mathematics and case studies to become a good pick up artist. The below techniques have a very high rate of success, because they have been tested in the real world multiple times with positive results. The techniques discussed below were developed by top pick up artists and even myself to some degree, as they comprise of all the advice I have received from top pick up artists from all over the world. I have also added my unique flavor to them, as I found some of my personal contributions to these techniques made them even more effective.

I need to make it clear. The below 5 step technique has been proven to work. Although your not going to pick up every woman you try this technique on, by implementing the technique, it will give you the highest possible chance in picking her up. This technique will give you a high percentage advantage when attempting to pick up a girl. If you go to the casino to play blackjack, if you implement basic strategy, it’s been mathematically proven that your playing advantage increases. The below technique is a basic strategy in the game of picking up beautiful women. If you use this strategy, you are going to significantly increase your chances of success.

Approaching a Woman on The Street

“Do you know if this bus goes to the University or Town Square?” Once she answers, you might ask, “What is your opinion about the public transport system in this city?” You are following up your opening question or excuse to approach her with an open ended question. After she gives her opinion on public transport, you might ask, “why is that?”, “how did you come to that conclusion?” (more open ended questions). By asking her opinion about public transport, you are pushing her to invest more in your relationship. Whenever you initiate conversations with women, you want to lead toward open ended questions (examples of open ended questions are: “what are your thoughts?”, “what is your opinion.” Open ended questions are NEVER one word answer questions). Once she gives you her opinion on public transport, you might introduce yourself (give her your name and a couple of sentences about who you are and what you do) and ask for her name. “By the way, my name is John and I work in construction, I’m responsible for building some of the beautiful buildings you see in this city, may I ask your name?” Then you might say, “I don’t normally do this, but I think your really pretty and interesting. I was wondering if I could have a coffee with you sometime? Can I have your phone number? I’d really like to get to know you.”

Breaking the Technique Down

Step 1: Find an Excuse to Approach her

“Do you know if the bus goes to the Town Square?”

Step 2: Lead Into an Open Ended Question

Ask her opinion about something (This results in a lengthy answer and gives you more of her time). “Whats your opinion on the public transport in this city?”

Step 3: Introducing Yourself and Getting Her Name

You are introducing yourself so you are no longer a stranger. “By the way, my name is John and I work in construction, I’m responsible for building some of the beautiful buildings you see in this city.” At this point you are giving her your pitch and telling her about yourself. Be passionate about who you are but keep it as brief as you can.

Step 4: Compliment Her

You are making a compliment that shows you have interest in her (“You look really pretty”), and this signifies you want to be more than just a stranger or acquaintance.

Step 5: Requesting Contact Details to Continue the Relationship and Close the Deal

It’s at this point you are attempting to close the deal. “I was wondering if I could have a coffee with you sometime? Can I have your phone number? I’d really like to get to know you.”

If she denies you her contact details or refuses to give you her name, you can use the technique of looping to counter this. I discuss looping in my article called, Overcoming a Woman’s Objections to Your Advances and Pick up.


In all your interactions with women, the main goal is to obtain contact information and it is usually the final step. Without the contact information you cannot continue in any kind of relationship with her. Remember, that it’s all about getting contact information.

With the exception of special cases (I will discuss this in a future article),  once you get the contact information, explain that you have an appointment and get going. Once you get the contact information, don’t give her an opportunity to disqualify you by saying something she doesn’t like. Get the contact information and go on your way. You have achieved your end goal.

Another Example of Using The 5 Step Technique Method

I like to walk the city streets on a Saturday night and the below scenario is an example I might use.

“Excuse me, do you know where Bob’s Bar is?” She may say yes/no. You may then ask, “You seem like a fun girl, whats your opinion on the nightclub scene in this city?” She may respond with a lengthy opinion about nightclubs and bars. You may then say, “my name is John by the way and I’m a business consultant, I really enjoy helping people make their dreams come true, may I ask your name? She may reply, “my name is Jenny.” Then you say, “I have to go meet some friends pretty soon, but I think your really pretty and interesting, could I have your phone number, maybe we could meet up sometime for a coffee and talk more?…. Thanks for giving me your phone number, I need to go and meet my friends now, but I will definitely call you in a couple of days. Have a great night.”

As you can see the 5 step technique is goal orientated. When you achieve each goal, you then move to achieving the next goal. When you first ask her an innocent question, you are achieving the first goal by making contact. The second question should always be an open ended one, and you want to make the open ended question related to the first question so there’s relevance. The final step is always asking for contact information.

Having a plan and goals makes you a purpose driven conversationalist with beautiful women. If you know what your purpose and goals are, your going to come across as a lot more confident, and if you have a script to work with, you won’t be babbling on like an idiot. I don’t know about you, but whenever I talk to beautiful women, my mind just goes blank and I babble on about all sorts of things. Having a set of goals gives you focus and gives you a role to play.

Your mission should you accept it, is to go out in public and get a beautiful woman’s phone number.



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