The Less Time You Spend With a Beautiful Woman, the Better Chance You have to Pick Her Up

The Less Time You Spend With a Beautiful Woman, the Better Chance You have to Pick Her Up

I recently had a very beautiful woman tell me that she will give a guy she is attracted to; 10 minutes to prove that he’s worth getting involved with. She also said that her other friends give these men 2 minutes. In that period of allowing you to talk to them, they are basically looking for a reason to disqualify you.

When approaching a beautiful woman at a nightclub for example. The best thing to do is to approach her using the 5 step pick up technique I share in another article, and get her to talk as much as possible. You get her to talk a lot by asking open ended questions. Talk as little as possible, but when you do speak, be passionate about who you are and give her a brief introduction about yourself. “By the way, my name is Frank and I’m responsible for building some the most beautiful buildings in this city, I work in construction and love what I do.” After you have introduced yourself and gotten her name, tell her that you need to meet some friends or clients at another location, but that you would really love to talk to her some more, and ask for her number. “I’ve really enjoyed hearing your opinions on those topics and talking with you, you seem really interesting and your beautiful. Unfortunately, I have got to meet some friends from work on the other side of town, maybe I can get your phone number, and we can continue this conversation another time? I would love to take you out for a coffee or drink and get to know you more.”

By cutting the conversation short and attempting to close the deal quickly (After you have completed all the steps in the 5 step technique), you are doing a number of productive things:

1. You are stopping the conversation and interaction to prevent her from disqualifying you.

2. You are giving yourself an aura of mystery. Women love mysterious guys.

3. You are showing her your not too desperate, but you are willing to invite her into your life.

4. You are bringing your most important goal to the forefront (getting her phone number).

Speaking from personal experience, I have had some great opportunities with beautiful women at nightclubs. However, there was a number of occasions where I screwed it up and she disqualified me. Once you say something they don’t like, or express a particular attitude they don’t find attractive, they will disqualify you and make an excuse and leave. Once this happens, you have little to zero chance at redeeming yourself or getting a phone number.

If you want to play with the odds in your favor, once you have completed the 5 step technique, excuse yourself and attempt to get her phone number.


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