Three Keys to Meeting the Woman of Your Dreams

Three Keys to Meeting the Woman of Your Dreams

In the last couple of months I have spoken with multitudes of women all over my city. I have experienced: rejections, agreements for dates, long conversations and interactions with all kinds of women (Including the most beautiful I have ever seen. Many of these women are easily a 10). When your dealing with extremely beautiful women who are a 10, they are a far different creature than your average woman, and need to be dealt with in a totally different way than normal. These are the sort of women that look like the next Victoria Secret or Playboy model. You often see them shopping at the supermarket or going to the local cafe for a coffee, and you feel a combination of intimidation and desire when you observe them.

These high end women get approached by men often, but mainly in a direct fashion at a bar, when a man has drunk enough to get the courage to make a move for her. She also gets approached by obnoxious men who have a few friends with them (this gives them the courage to approach her in the first place), and she usually gets a few sexual comments directed toward her. These types of women have a high automatic defense mechanism, which means they automatically reject men to defend themselves in most circumstances. They are approached so often by men and realize they are such a sexually desired object, that they are not going to just let you into their lives through an initial conversation in public. A woman in such high demand will never yield to the market very easily, you need to make an impression and you need to earn her respect to even become her friend (Its a massive effort just to get in the friend zone with these women). To pick these women up, throwing a ball straight at them will not work, you need to throw them a curve ball.

Following the 3 keys below will assist you in getting a first date (which will probably get you into the friend zone) with a high end rated 10 woman. These women take a lot of work and its going to be tough just to get into the friend zone. Once you get into the friend zone, then you are going to have to be very: creative, romantic and charming to escalate it into a relationship. But first things first; by following the three keys below, you definitely have a significant chance at getting a friendship date with one of these women. Following the three keys below will give you a greater chance at success than most other men. The three keys below are the formula for throwing a curve ball at these women. A curve ball comes from a different angle and they don’t see it coming.

Be Prepared

You are seeking to date a woman who every man in the neighborhood wants, and she has probably heard every pick up line out there. She has probably been called beautiful countless times, and a regular approach simply will not cut it. When you approach her, she will automatically be evaluating you based on your: appearance, manner, confidence and dialogue.

Think about what you will say to her and write it down and memorize your lines. Think of yourself as an actor who is coming into her life, and that you need to make a positive impression that leads to a date. Write a number of things about this girl that you know about her, and seek to write down some opening lines that will catch her interest. Recently an extremely beautiful woman (easily rated a 10) and myself had a brief conversation at a shop she worked at, we got talking about food and diet, and she mentioned she was doing a fitness bootcamp diet. A few days later I went back to this shop, except this time I was fully prepared to try and get a date with her. I had written down exactly what I was going to say to her and what my goals with her were. When I saw her at the shop I said, “Hows your bootcamp diet going? You look very elegant (a unique word as opposed to beautiful to help me stand out) so its definitely having a positive effect on you.. can you tell me a bit more about the diet?… You know, you seem like a really interesting person, I’d really enjoy talking with you more about these topics, can I have your phone number, and maybe we can have a coffee sometime to talk about this more?” When I asked her this, she did give me her phone number and we went out last week.

When you approach a beautiful woman, most of the time you are extremely nervous, so if you write down your lines and memorize them, you will perform a lot better and have a better chance of success.

Be Natural

Make the conversation and invitation for a date seem like the most natural thing in the world. As shown above with the woman in the shop, I talked about an important topic related to her life (health and fitness) and then invited her out for a date to talk about the topic more.

In another scenario, there was a woman who looked like a playboy model living in my building, this was the sort of woman who would make your knees buckle just by looking at her. She was: stunning, beautiful, tall, leggy and blonde; the sort of girl every guy dreams to meet. I sometimes spoke with her briefly in the lobby or elevator (hi, how are you? where are you from originally etc), but I needed to find an angle to get a date with her (even if it was just a friendship date). I knew girls like this probably get asked out 20 times per week, and I needed a special approach to get into her life. One day I approached her in the lobby and said, “Hey how have you been? Have you had a chance to meet any of your neighbors? Sometimes a few of us go out for drinks at the bar across the street, would you like to get a drink sometime? Why don’t you give me your phone number and I can call or text you sometime, and we can go out for a drink?” My jaw literally dropped when this woman gave me her phone number, and later that week I went out with her to a local bar. Unfortunately none of my other neighbors came with us, and it was just me and her; but this was just the way I wanted it and I intended it to be. But the key thing that got me a date with her, was by making the invitation the most natural thing in the world. Getting to know your neighbors is a natural thing, and I just made it a natural and flowing invitation with no pressure. I also hinted that other neighbors may come so it wasn’t a date or me trying to pick her up. It seemed like an innocent invitation to her.

Be Sneaky

Get a date by any means necessary. In one of the above scenarios, I made the woman think we were going out with a few neighbors when really it was just me and her. I was definitely sneaky and she probably didn’t realize she had been tricked until after or during the date. If you can get a date by being sneaky with one of these women, you will definitely get her respect, because a lot of these women do play psychological games with men (mainly because they can and they enjoy feeling powerful). When you outsmart her and get a date with her by being crafty, she will respect you for it. Once you get that first date by being sneaky and crafty, then you have an opportunity to converse with her and sell yourself as a human being.

When I told that woman, “a few of us neighbors go out for drinks across the street sometimes, maybe you would like to join us sometime?” She replied, “sure (out of courtesy)”, and I then said, “great, how about you give me your phone number and I’ll text you some time next week?” I then proceeded to take my mobile phone out and said, “whats your phone number?” At this point she is put in a pressure situation, because myself and the entire building are involved in this conversation, because if she does not give me her phone number, she thinks she will be perceived as an unfriendly and bitchy person within the building. I have not said I want to date her or even find her attractive, I’m just casually asking her out for drinks with myself and some neighbors (even though I have no intention of inviting any other neighbors).

When you ask one of these high end women out on a date, make it seem natural and be very sneaky. These types of women are subconsciously looking for a reason to say no to you. Look for excuses to meet up with them for a date: “I would like to talk more with you about that fitness diet, I’m sure you would enjoy hearing about what I’ve read about it”, “Would you like to get to know your neighbors more? How about we meet up for a couple of drinks sometime, myself and a few others in the building regularly go out for drinks.. whats your phone number?”, “Great dog, do you walk your dog in the park often? Maybe we can start a dog walking group up, I’m sure our pets would really enjoy it, whats your phone number? Maybe I can call you next week and we can walk our dogs together?”

Be sneaky and use every possible excuse to get a date with her. Catch her off guard and put the pressure on her. Give her no reason to say no. Make it seem like the most natural thing in the world to give her your phone number, and to meet up with her at a later date.






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