Is Online Dating Worth it For Men? My Shocking Insider Investigation

Is Online Dating Worth it For Men? My Shocking Insider Investigation

Since everyone was trying online dating I decided to give it a try. In real life I often have a number of opportunities to date very beautiful women, and I am by no means a very good looking guy or wealthy guy. I would probably rate myself a seven (and thats being extremely generous) in the looks department, and my income is below average… but in real life I have no problem dating beautiful women who are often rated a ten. Could my real life experiences with women be translated to the online sphere? I decided to try it out..

I decided to join the extremely popular dating website, Plenty of Fish (POF). I uploaded my best photographs on the website and identified myself as an IT professional. My photographs would probably rate me in the looks department as a seven (just above average). I started sending numerous messages to various women on POF who interested me, and these women were rated in the looks department anywhere between five and ten. I sent well over 50 messages to various women and received replies from three women! One woman sent me a message telling me I was sweet, however she never responded to my further messages, and the same thing happened with the two other women who responded. I continued sending a multitude of messages to various women and received no responses! Comparing myself with other men on the website, I definitely was better looking than a majority of guys on the website, but for some reason I was getting virtually no responses from any women. I needed to know why this was happening. In real life, I could definitely get dates with women I was attracted to by applying myself, but online it was a totally different ball game. No women online seemed interested in me. What was I missing?

I decided to investigate online dating in more depth. I started up a different profile on POF, but I created a fake profile who was a female. I used photographs of an amateur model who was probably rated a seven in the looks department, and uploaded her photos onto the fake POF profile. In the female profile I stated I was a nursing student seeking a long term relationship. Before I had finished filling out my profile description, I had already recieved 3 or 4 messages from men! Then the messages never stopped, at one point I was recieving a message every minute. This was an interesting experience for me, because it helped me see online dating from a womans perspective. A womans experience on an online dating website is far different than a mans experience.
Many women are getting hundreds of offers a day from men on dating websites, and if you don’t have something special or stand out in some unique way, they are not going to give you the time of day. In real life, many men are too afraid to approach and ask out a beautiful woman, but on the internet, men have no problem asking them out, because they are hiding behind an iphone or keyboard. A beautiful woman on the street might have one guy ask her out in the space of an hour, but on the internet they are getting asked out every minute. Its quiet normal for many women to get 30 or 40 messages per day on an internet dating website/app. The odds are definitely stacked against you if your a male trying out online dating.


I decided to start up another fake online dating profile for research purposes. This time I started up a fake profile of a guy who owned a number of businesses. I used photographs of a rich friend of mine who owns 4 ferrari’s and a number of other exotic cars. I posted photographs of him standing next to his ferrari, and in the profile description I listed his occupation as a business owner. I stated in the profile that I often travelled around the world on business, and was a very successful business owner, who owned his own construction company among other businesses. This particular guy was not very good looking, I would probably rate him a five (just an average looking guy, but would the ferrari’s make him more appealing?) With this fake profile setup, I started messaging women. I started to get immediate responses from very beautiful women (rated a 10). This was definitely very interesting. After women started messaging the profile and wanting to meet up with this guy, I decided to delete the account, in case these women chased down my friend by reverse searching his pictures on google. It seems my rich friend who had pictures with ferrari’s was definitely good bait, and listing him as a wealthy business owner definitely attracted many beautiful women.

Women have so many options online (sometimes they get a message per minute from different men) so they are extremely picky. If you are presented with hundreds of potential partners every week, you are only going to choose the absolute best. Women feel comforted by wealth because they want to be taken care of (this is a natural instinct as women instinctively want a hunter to provide for them; and any children that may be born). So if you can demonstrate wealth on dating websites/apps, you will definitely be highly considered by women who get hundreds of offers from men every week. Having a high degree of wealth seperates you from the hundreds of offers women recieve.

After my experiences and research I would say online dating is a waste of time for most men. Unless you are: extremely good looking, wealthy, or have something that seperates you from the hundreds of messages women recieve daily; your going to have very little success at meeting the woman of your dreams. If you approach a woman at the supermarket who hasn’t had a guy hit on her all day, you’re going to have a lot better chance at getting a date with her than you would online. On dating apps like Tinder, you have to like each other just to get a match with these girls, and you cannot even message them unless you get a match. But in real life, you simply have to walk up to one of these women and give them your pitch. Rejected or accepted, you still have more of a chance in real life than you do online. Why compete online with hundreds of men messaging these girls, when you can just approach them in real life where theres often no competition?




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