Hi guys. I am just a regular guy from Melbourne/Australia. I started off as a person who did very poorly with women, in fact I didn’t even have the confidence to approach and speak to a beautiful woman. However after learning from a number of successful pick up artists, and combining all their wisdom to produce the perfect results; I now meet a number of beautiful women everyday and successfully get dates with them.

My hobbies include: IT, coding, boxing and martial arts. In the past I worked as an assistant boxing coach, and I have discovered that dating and picking up women is very related to boxing and sports psychology. To be a successful athlete you need to be: aware, smooth, confident, relaxed and have quick reflexes. Many of the psychological principles associated with boxing are very related to picking up women as outlined in some of my blog posts. Approaching an extremely beautiful woman you have never met before, can be even more daunting than facing Mike Tyson in a boxing ring for many. The key to success with beautiful women is developing a strong and confident mindset toward them, and through developing positive psychological reflexes toward beautiful women.

If you live in my area and want to meet up for advice, or need some support in the field, I can certainly help with that if I can fit you into my schedule.

My email is: